When looking for a flat bottom steering wheel, especially those in carbon, one also needs to look out for seemingly flat bottom steering wheels which are merely flat bottomed in name. One of the reasons why many people buy a flat bottom steering wheel is simple, it offers better clearance when getting in or out of the car, especially if you like to have the steering wheel low, or simply being away from your knees or thighs. What a shock it must be when that “flat bottom steering wheel” that you just bought for a substantial sum offers you none of that convenience. You see, there are two ways to make a carbon fiber flat bottom steering wheel even from OEM bases. One method involves taking an OEM flat bottom steering wheel base and wrapping it. The other method tends to be a bit more creative, by taking an OEM Round base and simple “extending” the sides down to make it look like the bottom is flat. So how do you tell the two apart? Look at the bottom of the steering wheel. If it looks like it is extended to the same extent as a normal round steering wheel, it is more than likely a round base with extended sides. Some key ways to identify such extended side steering wheels also include: Checking if a seller offers the following: • Reusing of all the components of your current round steering wheel, including the plastic trim – this can never be reused in a flat bottom steering wheel. • Requiring that you trade in your round steering wheel – these are often used as the bases for new carbon fiber wheels. – yes, you may be using someone’s 10 year old steering wheel base.

Compare the two: Flat Bottom vs Elongated Sides in an RS model.

A True Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

Elongated Sides on a round steering wheel

Note the centre portion which clearly extends much further down than the flat bottom steering wheel, and is much more slender and tapered leading to a less than ideal shape and design. So, before you go buy that fancy new carbon fiber steering wheel, make sure you understand the process of how these wheels are made, what to look out for and how to assess whether that carbon fiber unit is worth that large amount of money you are about to fork out. At Modhub, we carry a small amount of Carbon Fiber steering wheels for customers who love them and we ensure that all of them are made using OEM bases and are always true flat bottom steering wheels. You can buy assured with Modhub, as we do not cut corners and are passionate about what we do, and how we do it matters, to us, to you, and to our cars.

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