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Lamborghini Urus Paddle Shifters

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Lamborghini Uus Paddle Shifters. 

Direct fit for Audi Steering Wheels. 

Available either as blade only, or with the Paddle Shifter fitment. 

these are not a clip on unit and requires disassembly of the steering wheel and of the stock paddle shifters.

available for all steering wheels 2015 and newer and the B8.5 steering wheels with the large round airbag.

You will need to check your paddle shifters to determine the type of Model you need.

the list below is non exhaustive of the model of cars with related paddles

Model A - A3 8V2, A4/5 B9, A4/5 B9.5 (trapezoid airbags only), Q5 FY, Q3 F3, Q7 4M, Q8 4M, Q2.

Model B - A1 GB, A3 8Y, A4/5 B9.5 (small round airbag only) A6/7 C8, A8 D5, Etron

Model C - A1 8X, A3 8V1, A4/5 B8.5, Q5 8R, Q3 8U, A6/7 C7/7.5. 

Type A units will fit: 

Audi TT MK3 2015- 2024

Audi R8 Gen 2 2015- 2024

Audi A3 8V facelift 2017-2022

Audi A4 B9 2016- 2019

Audi A5 B9  2016 - 2019

Audi Q2 

Audi Q3 F3 2019 onwards

Audi Q5 FY 2017 onwards

Audi Q7 4M 2015 onwards

Audi Q8 4M 2015 onwards

Type B units will fit:

Audi A1 GB 2020 onwards

Audi A3 8Y 2022 onwards

Audi A4 B9.5 2020 onwards

Audi A5 B9.5 2020 onwards

Audi A6 C8 2018 onwards

Audi A7 C8 2018 onwards

Audi A8 D5 2017 onwards

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